Open Garden WiFi Sharing (Beta)


Join the revolution! Turn your home Internet connection into an Open Garden WiFi hotspot. Neighbors can buy Internet service from you, making service more affordable for everyone.

Main Features


Fully supported devices

Installation and Usage

opkg-key add og_wsd_public.key
echo "src/gz opengarden" >> /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf
opkg update
opkg install opengarden

*Installation and configuration of opengarden can take several minutes depending on certain variables. Be patient...*


Removal of Open Garden WiFi sharing is a simple as

opkg remove opengarden 



  1. I cannot see the Open Garden SSID
    • Make sure the WSD package is properly running
    • Make sure your wireless interfaces are provisioned correctly
  2. The Open Garden SSID has no internet access
    • Make sure the WAN cable is plugged in
    • Make sure your WAN interface is not in network
  3. Cannot complete the seller flow
    • Try and "Forget" the Open Garden SSID from your phone settings
  4. Cannot complete the buyer flow
    • Seller app may need to write the blockchain data entries. Be sure to leave this app in the foreground for a minute or so